The idea behind Quarta is optimum information transfer and connectivity. Technology plays a crucial role. For this reason, we make use of high-quality compo-nents and professional services.


Quarta makes use of high-end solutions for videoconferencing. The participants in the meeting may be at different locations around the world but they can communicate with each other naturally in real-time over an IP network. As the user, you establish the connections between the virtual meeting’s participants yourself using a user-friendly touch panel, with the help of an operator. You can choose between different kinds of connection for a meeting.


The development of Quarta was based on the principle of optimum ease of use. But in order to truly take care of all your needs, we offer supplementary technical support. From our Facility Support Desk, expert staff give you immediate remote support, before or during a meeting. From the touch panel, you can establish connection with our Helpdesk staff with a click and ask your questions.